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Removing asbestos during a remodel

We bought our house knowing it needed a fair bit of work, but we could never have guessed how complicated the job would get in the end. It turns out not only do we have asbestos in the walls, but also, at some point, the previous owners had some asbestos insulation put in the roof. There are a lot more precautions that we need to make as result but, I'll feel a lot better knowing we aren't cooking and eating our meals near asbestos. Our remodeling contractor has been great and has stepped us through the whole process. Join us on our remodeling journey!

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Removing asbestos during a remodel


Tips for Building Custom Cabinets in a Small Kitchen

In a kitchen remodel, building custom cabinets gives freedom in choosing their size, shape, finish and colour. You can install what's best for your kitchen rather than trying to squash off-the-shelf cupboards into your space. This capacity to tailor-make the cabinetry is especially helpful in small kitchens. It helps you to maximise the limited area. Here are some tips. Reduce Visual Clutter It's essential to reduce visual clutter that can create a crowded and claustrophobic feel in compact rooms.

Four Signs You Should Consider Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was used in construction for most of the 20th century, and many Australian homes still contain this fireproof material. As a rule of thumb, the Department of Health explains that homes built before 1990 are likely to contain asbestos. Unfortunately, asbestos fibres can have significant health consequences, meaning asbestos removal is sometimes necessary. This brief guide explains four situations in which safe, professional asbestos removal might be the best option.

Why Modern Homeowners Are Gravitating Towards Vinyl Cladding

Your house protects you and your family from climate extremes, but it's the house exterior that gets battered by the elements. Installed correctly, house cladding will provide your house with a layer of protection against the outside elements. Cladding can be any material that is installed on the exterior surfaces of your home to prevent weather damage to the building. Many different material options are available for cladding installation. Each cladding material has unique features, pros and cons that have to be weighed up to determine if it's the right choice for your home.