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Removing asbestos during a remodel

We bought our house knowing it needed a fair bit of work, but we could never have guessed how complicated the job would get in the end. It turns out not only do we have asbestos in the walls, but also, at some point, the previous owners had some asbestos insulation put in the roof. There are a lot more precautions that we need to make as result but, I'll feel a lot better knowing we aren't cooking and eating our meals near asbestos. Our remodeling contractor has been great and has stepped us through the whole process. Join us on our remodeling journey!

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Removing asbestos during a remodel


Mixer Taps That Suit Countertop Bathroom Basins

Freestanding countertop bathroom basins, where a basin is mounted onto a flat surface such as a vanity unit, are a popular trend at the moment. Simply looking like a large dish or bowl, the clean, uncluttered lines of countertop basins evoke a calming atmosphere in your bathroom. When choosing a mixer tap to pair with your basin, you need to consider the size of both the tap and benchtop to make sure they harmonise together.