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Removing asbestos during a remodel

We bought our house knowing it needed a fair bit of work, but we could never have guessed how complicated the job would get in the end. It turns out not only do we have asbestos in the walls, but also, at some point, the previous owners had some asbestos insulation put in the roof. There are a lot more precautions that we need to make as result but, I'll feel a lot better knowing we aren't cooking and eating our meals near asbestos. Our remodeling contractor has been great and has stepped us through the whole process. Join us on our remodeling journey!

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Removing asbestos during a remodel

Reasons to Consider Vinyl Flooring for Your Home Renovation Project

by Joanne Sullivan

Flooring options are forever expanding in term of materials, colours, textures and designs. Thus, when undergoing home renovations, it can be daunting to survey all the possibilities. To make your decision easier, consider the following reasons to spread vinyl over your floors.

Not Just for the Kitchen  

Vinyl is not just for the laundry and kitchen. Today's vinyl can come in the form of planks, tiles and sheets, and it can mimic timber, ceramic and natural stone. Thus, you could spread replica planks, for example, in many living areas. Of course, vinyl is particularly ideal for wetrooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as it can withstand moisture without reacting adversely.   

You could cover your kitchen flooring with vinyl faux ceramic tiles — without having to worry about scrubbing grout. You can also use vinyl sheets cut to size, a helpful option in irregularly shaped rooms. As well as natural textures, your vinyl can feature decorative designs and motifs, looking elegant and chic.   

Suitable for Children and Pets  

Pets and children take a toll on the flooring. They can traipse in the dirt, have accidents and cats and dogs can shed fluff and fur everywhere. Vinyl flooring, though, makes life simple, being waterproof, resilient and easy to clean. Thus, you'll be able to stress less and wipe up spills quickly while enjoying the luxurious appearance that these floors give. As well, vinyl creates a lovely soft playing surface for kids to play on and stay active and healthy.  

Low Maintenance  

Vinyl won't add to your daily workload with tedious maintenance tasks. With hardwood, for example, you have to undergo regular resealing, not to mention other surfaces that require polishing and waxing. With no grouting to worry about on a vinyl floor, you'll simply need a broom, vacuum or sponge mop, plus an ordinary floor cleaner. Don't bother about having to source special cleansers wash the floor.  

Have Design Fun  

The flooring covers rooms from wall to wall, thus whatever hues and textures you spread across the area will shape the overall ambience. Your choices will be virtually limitless with vinyl in terms of design. Because it doesn't cost a fortune, you'll be under less pressure and be able to have more fun in your renovation project. Because vinyl is so cost-effective, you could install a unique design if you wish rather than having to go with a neutral option to play it safe. 

For more information, reach out to a local home renovation contractor.