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Removing asbestos during a remodel

We bought our house knowing it needed a fair bit of work, but we could never have guessed how complicated the job would get in the end. It turns out not only do we have asbestos in the walls, but also, at some point, the previous owners had some asbestos insulation put in the roof. There are a lot more precautions that we need to make as result but, I'll feel a lot better knowing we aren't cooking and eating our meals near asbestos. Our remodeling contractor has been great and has stepped us through the whole process. Join us on our remodeling journey!

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Removing asbestos during a remodel

3 Reasons to Install Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in Your Office

by Joanne Sullivan

A quiet working environment promotes productivity and reduces distractions in an office space. However, if you've rented office space in a commercial building, there's no way to tell who your neighbours are. The rooms above you may be occupied by users who generate a lot of noise in their operations. This can significantly affect performance in your office.

If you're in such a predicament, consider installing acoustic ceiling tiles. These are tiles made from mineral fibre or foam, which have a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). They are excellent for office spaces, and below are some of the reasons you should install them.

Maintain a Quiet Working Environment

The primary benefit of acoustic ceiling tiles is that they absorb external sounds. Tiles with a high NRC can reduce external sounds by a lot, and this can make a big difference in your office. If your space is in a noisy environment, the noise from other rooms will not reach your office.

As a result, employees can enjoy a quiet working environment. This leads to improved productivity and efficiency, which could increase the profitability of the firm. What's more, it also reduces human error that results from noise distractions at the workplace.

Enhance the Quality of Sound

There are some instances when you need to improve the quality of sound in your office. For example, if you have a boardroom where you conduct video conferences, carry out presentations, shoot audio or video ads for your marketing campaigns or interact with audio-visual content, you need high-quality sound.

Acoustic ceiling panels absorb background noise that usually disrupts sound signals and affects the overall quality of audio. They also reduce external noise and make sounds more clear. As a result, you can have high-quality audio when conducting business in your boardroom or media room. You can also use acoustic wall tiles together with ceiling tiles to further improve the quality of sound.

Add Curb Appeal to Space

Long gone are the days when ceilings were installed with no design considerations in mind. Today, styles such as ceiling tiling and open ceilings are dominating the commercial real estate industry. Acoustic tiles allow you to maintain a quiet and conducive working environment while adding curb appeal to the office space.

The tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs to complement the overall office look. What's more, you can install your lighting fixtures without disrupting the appearance. All you need to do is inform your contractor of your preferred design so they can custom-cut the tiles to leave room for your lighting fixtures.

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a must-have if you need a quiet working environment. They also come with the bonus of better sound quality and improved curb appeal. Reach out to a company like Ceilings By Design for more information about ceiling tile installation.